United Delivery Services

United Delivery specializes in a variety of services for Large Corporations to Local business including: Banking, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Interoffice Mail, P.O. Office supplies, Skidded freight, Large trucking, Legal Documents

On Demand

Because of our vast regional network, we can easily meet your crucial deadlines. By using our on demand services we can provide you with the appropriate size vehicle for your time sensitive material.

Scheduled Services

Our Management team has created a reliable network and is experienced on meeting all of your stringent pick up and delivery deadlines. Besides most financial institutes that use our services we have also worked with medical and pharmaceutical companies plus a host of other organizations. With this knowledge we are able to offer you the most reliable Scheduled Services at a competitive rate.


United has few rivals that can match it's efficiency and service levels. United will pick up, sort, processes, High volumes of daily deliveries. This includes small envelopes weighing 1 pound to skidded pallets, up to thousands of pounds. You can rely on us 24/7. Our knowledge of engineering routes results to competitive pricing along with consistency in it's service.

Fleet replacement

Managing your company's logistics can be costly and time consuming. Whether you have a driver on vacation or one of your company vehicles is constantly in the repair shop. By outsourcing all or part of your Logistics to United Delivery will allow you to save money and your company will be able to focus on what it does best.

Mailroom Services

United Delivery's Management performs active roles in managing mailroom operations and distribution centers. The daily function of these facilities is extremely important in today's ever demanding work environment. Our Team of trained mailroom and distribution professionals can analyze your current operations and access changes with your management so that a more streamlined operation can be implemented or suggested. We can also add cost savings related expenses such as Insurance, Holiday's and Vacations.

Warehousing & Storage

United has secure warehousing space to store your off site records, critical backup tapes, and inventory. Whether it's short term or long term.