About United Delivery

Committed to the Highest Standards of Service

United Delivery stands above our competitors with our cross functional management team who have years of experience in the trucking industry. This includes key personnel with experience in sales, finance, dispatch and route analysis, as well as supervisors and operations managers with a combined average experience of 20 years each in our organization. Your decision to select United Delivery will allow your company to concentrate on its business. We will provide you with a trouble free service with no hidden cost, no surprises and no poor excuses – all at an economical cost.

Our Guided Values

We believe that our reputation and success are the direct results of:

Value & Excellence

We strive to achieve the highest standards of distinction, value, and excellence which results in superior value in all aspects of our work.


We embrace a prevailing allegiance and compassion for each other, our clients, our vendors and the communities we serve.


We create credibility by maintaining strong communications and operational systems at all levels, so we can consistently honor the commitments we make.


We conduct our business philosophy in ways that manage all of our resources fairly and responsibly to ensure the profitability of our company.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • We use a higher standard in the driver selection process.
  • We require strict up-to-date, safe and legal vehicles for our clients.
  • Our driver training program is well defined, proven and effective.
  • We utilize supervisors and lead drivers to assist and monitor back-up support to our current and new drivers.
  • We provide drivers with written procedures, rules and regulations that are enforced and monitored.
  • We stress professional appearance standards and self pride which results in courteous drivers that our customers are accustomed to.
  • We utilize a driver award program that has proven to keep up the positive work environment of our workforce.
  • Prior to any transition or start up of new work, we conduct management/driver trial runs to avoid flaws.
  • Our technology and experience of the territory we service allow us the opportunity to design the most cost-effective, time-efficient routes that our customers receive.
  • We continuously communicate to our customers and our drivers with no delays for information required in our hectic industry.
  • Ultimately, our pride in our service results in 100% customer satisfaction!

Our commitment is to developing positive relationships with our clients, employees, vendors and our community.

Safety is Our Priority

United Delivery is extremely proud of its safety record and is committed to ensuring a safe work environment. We ensure and integrate safe work practices into our business by setting high standards and continuously evaluating our training procedures and communications. United always adheres to local, Federal and state regulations to properly keep our safety records at the highest standards.

United Delivery Can Help Your Business