Flexible and Secure Storage Solutions

There are times when your business grows to completely fill the space that you have. When this happens, you can rely on United Delivery to help. We know how critically important it is to maintain your inbound and outbound product and will help you with your inventory control and storage. By utilizing our warehouse storage space, you get to reclaim the space at your facility to use as your needs grow with your business.

United Delivery has 24/7 secure facilities, occupied 3-shift personnel, and advanced surveillance for your valued secured goods. Short-term and long-term storage options available.

Advanced Technology for Security & Transparency

Whether you have only a few boxes or several pallets worth of inventory, United Delivery can store, track, and deliver it for you when and where you need it – all in the same day. Our warehouse facility is highly secured, and has top of the line surveillance and security systems so that you can rest easy knowing that your inventory is safely monitored when you use United Delivery’s warehouse storage.

You can quickly and easily check when items you have with our computerized inventory software – this will help meet the needs of your client.

By using our delivery services, your inventory can be shipped from our facility to another location or to a client the same day.

What We Offer

United Delivery offers the following to assist you in your storage and distribution needs.

  • Secure Site Location
  • Storage Space
  • Length of Storage – short & long term
  • Shipment Needs
  • Computerized inventory software
  • Long term storage of freight and product

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